Sicon International was founded in San Jose, California in 1989, with manufacturing partners in Taiwan. Initially we specialized in custom cables, primarily for the computer peripheral industry. As the business grew during the early 1990’s, we opened our Taiwan office, gradually expanding its’ capabilities to include full engineering and product design. By the late 1990’s, we realized the cost structure in Taiwan was rising too fast, and we began to invest in mainland China. During 1999, we began production in our own factory in China’s Guangdong Province. By 2002, nearly all engineering and manufacturing activity had moved to China.

Initially known as a computer interconnect cable supplier, Sicon gradually expanded into related areas such as plastic injection molding and sheet metal parts. As many of our customers were in the computer peripheral market, we added a line of external SCSI drive enclosures and soon became a major supplier to companies such as LaCie and Verbatim. A series of other external drive products followed, including the portable LS-120 SuperDisk sold under the Targus and Panasonic brand names.

By 1998, the PDA market was exploding and there was high demand for accessory items. One of the perceived flaws of most PDA’s was the stylus based text input, which Sicon solved by offering the GoType! PDA Keyboard through our marketing partner LandWare. This was nothing short of a home run product, and led to an entire family of PDA keyboards for the Palm and Pocket PC markets, as well as related sync cables and charging devices.

In 2002 business conditions changed substantially, with both the PDA accessory markets and external storage markets shrinking sharply. Due to the market changes, Sicon changed strategic directions to concentrate on what we do the best: manufacturing.

Today Sicon International is a world class Contract Manufacturer, dedicated to cost reducing manufacturing efficiencies, consistently excellent quality, and top notch customer service. We invite you to experience The Sicon Advantage!