Custom cables have been a major part of Sicon’s business since our founding in 1989. Because of our extensive experience, we’ve already solved any cabling problem you’ve got. Sicon excels in creating overmolds for embedded circuitry and difficult to seal connectors. Customers in the hard to satisfy medical and automotive fields have turned to us for their most difficult cabling solutions.

  • PVC Overmolding
  • Dongles with embedded electronics
  • Specializing in unique, custom made assemblies
  • Complex or simple wire harnesses
  • Small gauge signal wires to large gauge wires for heavy current capabilities
  • Low durometer jackets provides limp and flexible cables for easy coiling
  • Specialized materials for water sealing and outdoor or direct burial installations, even in extreme weather conditions
  • Support for Solar Cabling
  • Sicon adheres to IPC-A-620 workmanship standards