The word requires more and more documentation and certifications of compliance to satisfy various legal requirements. Sicon is ready to supply the necessary documentation for all markets.

RoHS and RoHS-2 have been with us for quite awhile and its a rare exception that a Sicon produced product does not meet RoHS. For the few that aren’t fully compliant, its generally due to the remaining supply of obsolete components. Sicon routinely sends of RoHS C of C documents with shipments.

REACH documentation based on raw materials supplier inputs is generally very difficult to obtain due to the difficulty of understanding the requirements. When they don’t understand it, the data they provide may be incomplete or not entirely trustworthy. For markets where REACH documentation is urgent, Sicon can offer subcontracted material testing on sample units which will yield very detailed chemical analysis results at a reasonable cost.

Conflict Minerals certification is the most recent requirement, and is fortunately becoming rapidly understood. It can take some effort to trace the mineral components back to their sources, but our China supply chain is getting more adept at responding to this requirement within a few days rather than weeks as it was not too along ago.

For our automotive customers, Sicon has provided the full document ion to satisfy the IMDS filing requirements.